Do you ever hear something on the radio, see something online, in social media, or just on life randomly that you have a reaction like you all of a sudden care about …that you thought you didn’t care about?!?! Then THIS is YOUR kind of podcast!!!!

Join the Average Jos; Average JoBu and Average Joe as they dive into topical conversations, share stories and experiences, play games, have guests, and occasionally engage in some playful mischief diving into these very things.


The life of Jesus, as some believe, was primarily a life of doing good to all. Let’s discuss some Jesus!
– The Average JoBu

Life is tough, it can be hard, and a times seem unbearable. I have found in my experience it helpful to try and find the beauty in even the most mundane things of life. In that moment, where I can see beauty in bumper to bumper traffic, leaving the office after a 10 hour day, or even pouring down rain; my perspective and outlook on life really begins to change.

I believe that a picture can tell a story, and with the moments I try and capture, I also try and find the right words to convey that message. The hope with this blog, is to share some of that perspective with all of you.  Perspective, as in life often gives us two roads to choose from. Finding beauty in the hard times, keeping your faith, and staying positive will be the road less traveled more times than not, For me, choosing that one has made all the difference in the world, hope it will for you too 😉

– The Average Joe


Life is a work in progress, the key is to focus less on arriving at a destination and focus more on the journey.  If you figured it all out today, what would be the point of tomorrow? Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.

Join me in talking about life and all that lies in-between!

– The Average Joe