Special Guest Jason “GEO” Giannasi, President of Operations for G.L.O.A.T Ent. and childhood friend joins the Average Jos on this episode! Listen in as the guys have some fun reminiscing and discussing the topic of “Sayings” and share their favorites, ones that need to go for good, and others that need to make a comeback. The Average Jos’ teenagers even get on the action with some of theirs submitted for your listening pleasure. As an added BONUS, GEO shares about the G.L.O.A.T label, their All-Star roster of artist, upcoming events, and his journey to living his best life. We even sample a hot track from Micheal Heathen; “Goku”!

Listen S2:E7 – Nahmsayin’

Check out G.L.O.A.T Ent on You Tube, Facebook, and their roster on Spotify and iTunes!

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