Winner’s Mentality

All aspects of life are governed by success or the lack thereof.  What are you willing to do to be successful?  Do you have the hunger and drive to do what it takes, or are you satisfied with a loss?  Listen in as the Average Jos discuss a common trend in today’s youth; participation is more highly regarded than effort.

As an added BONUS, The Average Jos give sample a hot track from G.L.O.A.T Ent.’s “Japanese Denim” by G. Champion, featuring Jeremy Chi! Join the Jos on their next episode when G.L.O.A.T Ent.’s President of Operations, Jason “GEO” Giannasi and the Jos childhood friend comes over as our first special guest in the new studio. The Jos are gonna have some fun with their old friend and GEO will  share more on G.L.O.A.T Ent. and their All-Star roster of artists.

Listen – S2:E6 – Winner’s Mentality

Check out G.L.O.A.T Ent on You Tube, Facebook, and their roster on Spotify and iTunes!

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