That’s a Sport…REALLY!?!?


In response to our Prank Calls Volume 2 aka The Living The Dream Giveaway Episode The Average Jos are going to give those “segments” a run!

Join The Average Jos for “That’s a Sport…REALLY!?!? and listen as the Average Jos discuss old and new events, or crazes, that have manifested themselves into the realm of sports. Really?! We don’t distinguish between competitions vs. Sports, but we analyze, from our humble perspective, what and why these things are considered sports.

We want to give a shout out to Jason, Valerie, Jordan, & Chris for the contributing via Facebook with what sports have them saying; “That’s a Sport…REALLY?!?!”!

At the top of the episode, The Average Jos discuss some upcoming guests and collaborations;

  • First up towards the end of June a longtime teammate and school buddy John Jacobus will join us to catch up, have some fun with the episode’s topic, and share what’s going on with the Gingrich Group! If you are in the market to buy or sell a house in the Dallas area; or if you are an Agent who wants an opportunity to grow their business then you want to give John and his team a call. Check them out online and on Facebook!


  • Then, later in July The Average Jos are planning a crossover episode with Highly Unapologetic: The Podcast and an old friend from Church Camp and growing up Adam Walker in San Antonio, TX. The Highly Unapologetic team describes their podcast as   “…three friends giving you our hilarious opinions on anything and everything, with goals of having Mike Tyson and Steve-O on the show.” Looking forward to catching up and having some fun recording for both shows! Check them out online, on Facebook, and YouTube.


S2:E9 – That’s a Sport…REALLY!?!? 


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