Binge Worthy

What a blast it was today with our special guest and long-time friend, Jordan Holliday! The Average Jos and their newest “Jo” The Average JoHo are binge watching aficionados. We all have strong opinions about all the TV series we watch. Listen as we discuss popular Netflix, HBO, etc… series that we have seen and explain what is so great about them. We may have a few recommendations too 😉

Listen in as Jordan shares about how he helps folks achieves their dreams in owning and refinancing their homes as a Home Mortgage Consultant with Well Fargo – Jordan Holliday NMLSR ID 1587512 – Wells Fargo. Whether you are looking to buy, refinance, or you’re a realtor looking for a partner to get the job done for your clients – give Jordan a call and check him out on social media!

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Listen HERE to S2:E16 – Binge Worthy

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