Average Jos & UFOs

Man oh Man what a GREAT time it was having our very 1st Special Guest, 1st Special Guest to join the 2-Timers Club, our SUPER FAN, The Winner of the Inaugural “Living The Dream Giveaway” Trivia Contest, a GREAT friend of The Average JoBu and to the Average Jos, our new Production Engineer Intern, and Volunteer Financial Advisor to Average Jos Media… The Man, The Myth, The Legend CHRIS MOYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out our latest episode of #tytydca podcast “UFOs & Jos”! The recent social media movement and petition to rush Area 51 prompts our discussion of whether or not we believe in Aliens, UFOs, and all things Extraterrestrial. Much like the vast and unpredictable nature of space our discussion dives into conspiracy theories, paranormal activity #whoyougonnacall, and ultimately examine what is a miracle vs something causing awe and wonder, and divine intervention amongst other things along the way!!!!!

You have to hear The Average Chris share about the good he’s doing for all the Average Joe’s and Jill’s in Middle America with his work as Regional Vice President at Primerica. Chris and his team spend the time needed to examine what’s best and what options are available for you and your family’s future with financials planning for retirement and life insurance. Check him out online and if Facebook!



Listen S2E17 HERE


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