Back To School Shoutouts

Hey Y’all! Do you have a special student, athlete, teacher, coach, principle, secretary, nurse, and / or other education professional that you want to give a SPECIAL Back to School Shoutout to start their year off right?!?!? Share your #backtoschool #shoutouts with The Average Jos! We may just have a Back to School Special we can share them on!

What says “Have a GREAT 1st Day Back to School!” like hearing your loving words read by The Average Joe & The Average JoBu?!?! #averagejosmedia



Do you want to listen, watch, share, subscribe and follow the Average Jos Media, and the podcast, “Things You Think You Don’t Care About”, but you don’t know where to find us All of the mystery has been revealed and all outlets have been put in a single location for your convenience and ease!

All of our content and medial links in one place and at the tips of your fingers! Click on the link below and enhance your AJM experience today!!



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