AJM Breaks 1,750!

With only 2 episodes in, and in a manner of weeks y’all, Season 3 of #averagejosmedia #tytydca #podcast #presentedby #thegingrichgroup has gotten off to an incredible start! With over 500 new likes and subscribers on Facebook we broke 1,750 today! We’re less than 250 away from hitting 2K!

It’s really surreal how fast this community we’re building of listeners is growing. Me and the kids were at a Sonic in Wylie a couple of weeks ago and a carhop noticed the car sign and came over to talk, he’d heard about us from a fiend and was a listener and follower. Just last night, a new hairdresser at the Sports Clips we go to recognized the logos on my phone case and she was a listener and subscriber too!

Reconnecting old friends together, meeting and making so many more new ones, supporting local businesses, artist, and causes; we are truly humbled and inspired by this experience so far.

Thank you all so much for the love and support, thank you to our incredible sponsor(y’all need to go buy a house from this man for real…or sell with him…he’s amazing!), and of course our family and friends.

Let’s keep this train a moving y’all and break some more records #spreadtheword #americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow

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