Average Jos Media Is Growing

Lots of NEW and exciting things are happening at Average Jos Media this Spring! We are very excited to be renewing our presence on some media outlets, expanding into new outlets, as well as starting some new projects. Here’s a run down of some of the latest news from AJM.

Average Jos Media is now on Tumblr – Check Us Out

How Do You Feel About Jesus is now streaming on Podbeam and soon your other favorite Podcast Streaming Services – Take a Listen

Average Jose Media is excited to partner with Buzzsprout in their Affiliate Program after just celebrating our 6,000th download!

Work in Progress: An average Jos Media Vlog is a new project that will be dropping its first episode this week – Stay Tuned

We’ve dusted off the the ‘ol URL and updated AverageJosMedia.com a bit and are excited to begin utilizing this space again to highlight partnership opportunities, where all to find us, and showcase all of our amazing content.

Last but not least, Things You Think You Don’t Care About Podcast is bringing it for the second half os Season 4 with NEW Guests, NEW virtual ways of participating in the broadcast, hard hitting news, facts, and pov’s during this crazy times we are living in – all with the same Average Jos shenanigans you love.

As always, we couldn’t do any of this without all of your love and support. THANK YOU all so much!

Like, Listen, Watch, and Subscribe,

The Average Jos

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