TYTYDCA S4:E14 Recap

What an incredible night tonight  on TYTYDCA Podcast! S4E14 is in the books!

Our viewers’ conversation on the broadcast thread was humming with nearly 100 comments and double that in engagements. GREAT STUFF y’all!

We were so grateful for our special guests tonight;

Pat Cochran a Vetran and Logistics Expert for a Fortune 50 Company in Food and Beverage was in studio. Talk about elevating a conversation with his service, experience, and knowledge! Thank you again for your service and stopping by, can’t wait to have you on again!

Coming to us LIVE via Skype from across the globe in Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼; Todd Sullivan, an international author and educator. Todd, who taught across Asia over the last decade, recently authored and released the second book of his Windshine Chronicles: There Will Be One. Now available on Amazon, you can download the latest in this saga, or start the journey with book one of the series: Hollow Man. Thank you so much for sharing your story and what life around the world has looked like before and now during COVID. Such interesting differences with how each country has responded. Thank you again for waking up so early over there and joining us, we wish you the very best in life and with your series! Can’t wait to start #bookclub with the series 😊

Tonight we looked at #whatsthedealwiththat as we dove into the great mask debate, Hydroxychloroquine and treatment for the novel corona virus, as well as the “New Word Order(NWO)” everyone is gearing more and more about. 

Tons of stories, informative and thought provoking conversations, with so eye opening video experts from across the web. 

If you weren’t able to join us live, don’t miss out on what turned out to be one of our BEST episodes yet and go give it a listen on your favorite streaming service or watch it back on Facebook and YouTube.

Thanks again for all of your support! Can’t wait until our next recording!!!!

– The Average Jos

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