With so much continuing to go in in the works and the news and social media flooded with divisiveness and fear-inciting reports, it’s important to stop and take in the world physically in front of by putting down the virtual one in our hands and in our screens.

In the face of so much evil and ugly, we only need to step away to for a moment to find the beauty still in the life. Whether it’s in the clouds or the night sky, in the eyes of the ones you love or in the sound of their voices and laughter…the sun is still rising, the light is still shining, and there is always hope.

When you begin to fall in love with moments like these, the fear of those unseen will fade away. Love in the present, let go of the last, and stop worrying about the future.

– AJ

#fallinlovewithmoments #stayinthenow #lovenotfear #liveyourdream #vivetusueño #vivesomniumtuum

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