We all have had moments in our life where we wished for something, moments where we were prayerful and hopeful that someday we would have, enjoy, and experience that which we had desired so deeply for. Maybe it was something lost, or maybe it was something not yet realized, but someday though right…someday…

“Someday” often begins as a beacon of hope to cling to, an undetermined point in the future that can’t be taken away despite the most dire of circumstances you may find yourself in.

At other times, “someday” begins to feel far less obtainable, further and further out of reach. Your glass no longer half full or half empty, is now simply a glass on a shelf collecting dust and becoming forgotten.

To want something in your life is to care about something. When you care for something it becomes a vulnerability… you have something to risk, you have something to potentially loose. Is it scary…? Yes it can be at times, but you can’t succumb to the fear and anxiety of never reaching “someday” or loosing it once you do. You can’t hide from your future or you’ll never see it realized. The good, bad, and indifferent … you have to face it daily in your pursuit of what it is you want in your life.

If you stop looking towards “someday”, how will you ever recognize it when it becomes your today? Keep your head up, your eyes open, and your heart hopefully so that when your someday becomes your today, you are able to recognize it and enjoy your present.

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