50 Episodes of TYTYDCA!

In the midst of all the fun we’re having with Season 3, we completely missed celebrating our 50th Episode – S3:E2, “Equal But Different?”! Can’t believe we’ve put that many in the books! Here’s to the next 50 and hitting 100! #season3 #50episodes #averagejosmedia #tytydca #presentedby #thegingrichgroup #americasfastestgrowingpodcastfromthoseyouknow #australiasfavoritepodcastsegmemtbyamericansnamedjofromtexas

AJM Breaks 1,750!

With only 2 episodes in, and in a manner of weeks y’all, Season 3 of #averagejosmedia #tytydca #podcast #presentedby #thegingrichgroup has gotten off to an incredible start! With over 500 new likes and subscribers on Facebook we broke 1,750 today! We’re less than 250 away from hitting 2K! It’s really surreal how fast this community […]

AJM & The Gingrich Group

Well it’s about that time y’all! Season 3 is scheduled to record and release Episode 1 THIS SATURDAY, August 24! With this new chapter, we are so humbled and proud to announce a new beginning with The Gingrich Group as our 1st Sponsor! Thanks to John and his Team for this exciting new partnership. We […]

AJM Hits 1,250!

Well America(and Dean Lewis in Australia), The Average Jos haven’t been sleeping on our rise as #americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow 😉 We decided after g. breaking 1K, we’d celebrate every 250 for a few thousands 😂 So here we are! 1,250 Likes on Facebook!!!!! Thank you all soooo much for all the love and support! We truly appreciate it and love what […]

AJM Fantasy Football League

The Average Jos are setting up a Fantasy football league this season. 12 teams, $50 entry. Who’s interested? WHERE TO FIND US Do you want to listen, watch, share, subscribe and follow the Average Jos Media, and the podcast, “Things You Think You Don’t Care About”, but you don’t know where to find us All […]

Back To School Shoutouts

Hey Y’all! Do you have a special student, athlete, teacher, coach, principle, secretary, nurse, and / or other education professional that you want to give a SPECIAL Back to School Shoutout to start their year off right?!?!? Share your #backtoschool #shoutouts with The Average Jos! We may just have a Back to School Special we can share them […]