AJM Hits 1,250!

Well America(and Dean Lewis in Australia), The Average Jos haven’t been sleeping on our rise as #americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow 😉 We decided after g. breaking 1K, we’d celebrate every 250 for a few thousands 😂 So here we are! 1,250 Likes on Facebook!!!!! Thank you all soooo much for all the love and support! We truly appreciate it and love what […]

Killa-B Gaming CROSSOVER Event

The Average Jos #squadup with Killa-B Gaming LIVE on Twitch for the Online Gaming CROSSOVER EVENT of the Century! This man is a serious gammer and we are soooo excited to be a part of growing his streaming empire! He’s got a new stream, putting in work to provide quality content, and we were so happy to […]

AJM Fantasy Football League

The Average Jos are setting up a Fantasy football league this season. 12 teams, $50 entry. Who’s interested? WHERE TO FIND US Do you want to listen, watch, share, subscribe and follow the Average Jos Media, and the podcast, “Things You Think You Don’t Care About”, but you don’t know where to find us All […]

Back To School Shoutouts

Hey Y’all! Do you have a special student, athlete, teacher, coach, principle, secretary, nurse, and / or other education professional that you want to give a SPECIAL Back to School Shoutout to start their year off right?!?!? Share your #backtoschool #shoutouts with The Average Jos! We may just have a Back to School Special we can share them […]

End of Summer

Hey AJM Family, Summer is almost over and we’re about to be#backtoschool in a matter of weeks(or days if you’re an Educator 😂) As#tytydca #season2 comes to a close The Average Jos wanted to countdown the favorite parts of Summer with you! So share with us your Summer Top 5 moments with us! WHERE TO FIND US Do you […]

Tricked Out

The Average Jos and Chris Moyer, #superfan, get together to discuss the simpler times and how things are getting tricked up. When is enough, enough? There are somethings that are awesome the more they become tricked out, and then there are some things that should never be invented. Of course, the Jos always get on […]