NEW AJM Intro Song

The Average Jos and Chris Moyer #superfan collaborate on a new intro song for future episodes of the podcast! Listen HERE Do you want to listen, watch, share, subscribe and follow the Average Jos Media, and the podcast, “Things You Think You Don’t Care About”, but you don’t know where to find us All of […]

#TBT 400 Likes

#tbt to a few weeks ago when we hit 400 likes on FB, was editing some YouTube video thumbnails and came across this gem 😂 Can’t believe we’re closing in on 1,200 all ready! ❤️ this picture though, gonna need it up on the wall 😉 #picturesworth1000words #thatsfair #averagejosmedia #tytydca#americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow

NEW Shirt Designs by Lions Paw Print

The Average Jos want to give the HUGEST shout out and THANK YOU to Zena Brown and Lions Paw Print! We ❤️ our new AJM shirts so much and we can’t wait to offer them to all our listeners and supporters! The time, attention, thoughtfulness, and overall customer experience from Zena and her family was unlike anything we’ve ever […]

90’s Trivia Night @ Flying Saucer on The Lake

The Average Jos coming at you from the Flying Saucer on the Lake for 90’s trivia. Check out some 90’s Flashbacks through the 1st Game of the night.     Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Baby! #averagejosmedia #tytydca #90strivianight #champions #3peat #letsdothis#allwrdoiswinwinwin #anotherone#americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow   After the 90s trivia, the Average Jos walk away with another victory. We’re came back LIVE with special […]

Party Time

Listen in as the Average Jos, along with SPECIAL GUESTS Kelly Olivieri and Sarah Combs on S2:E22 Party Time discuss being extra, over-the-top or extravagant when it comes to events, celebrations or various milestones in life.  Is there a point where enough is enough, or is there no limit to how you should celebrate something? […]

AJM Hits 1K!

Average Jos Media has 999 problems but our 1,000th like on Facebook ain’t one anymore! Unbelievable y’all – 💯 more virtually overnight! We can’t thank y’all enough! Gonna do some celebrating tonight! Let’s keep this going everyone !!! #likelistenwatchfollowsubscribe #ajm1k #averagejosmedia #tytydca#americasfastestgrowingpodcastfrompeopleyouknow #thankyou#keepsharing👍 #hercomesajm2k