Father’s Day Special

The Average Jos want to shout out to their dads, father figures, major male influences in their lives.  Thank you for a the support you’ve given us through the years to help us become the men/fathers we are now. We also have a Father’s Day shoutout from one of our listeners Julia for her Step-Dad […]

That’s a Sport…REALLY!?!?

In response to our Prank Calls Volume 2 aka The Living The Dream Giveaway Episode The Average Jos are going to give those “segments” a run! Join The Average Jos for “That’s a Sport…REALLY!?!? and listen as the Average Jos discuss old and new events, or crazes, that have manifested themselves into the realm of […]

Prank Calls Volume 2

Listen in as the Average Jos call several people, while at work and ask some Average Jos Trivia for the “Living the Dream” giveaway. Listen in as we try to sell a cash & prize giveaway contest to several random people.  Also, listen for the potential giveaway of AverageJosMedia.com merchandise. S2E8: Prank Calls Volume 2 […]

Winner’s Mentality

All aspects of life are governed by success or the lack thereof.  What are you willing to do to be successful?  Do you have the hunger and drive to do what it takes, or are you satisfied with a loss?  Listen in as the Average Jos discuss a common trend in today’s youth; participation is […]